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Nanjing Municipal Communist Party leader Lixin Huang investigated our company

  Recently, Jiangsu provincial Party Committee Standing Committee of Nanjing municipal Party committee secretary Huang Lixin, Nanjing Municipal Committee Jiangning District Party committee secretary Li Shigui, Nanjing City Vice Mayor Huang Lan, on the theme of innovation of science and technology to shipbuilding 724 research of special investigations. As focusing on cultivating 724 high-end equipment industry. At the same time in the low temperature field in China has a number of leading research results and good prospects for the development of high technology company, Pengli super cryogenic company is Huangshu investigation and study the key. Seven two four, general manager Zhou Xichen, party secretary Rao Qi, Gao Jinlin, and other leaders accompanied by ultra low temperature research.

  In our company,  Huang Lixin research the production line, field trips, industrial development and in-depth exchanges with the relevant personnel of the company general manager Jin Lin Gao, and the research team, the company is committed to the field of low temperature of concentrated development to be highly, she pointed out that must further strengthen the ability of scientific research and innovation, to further promote the key projects and major industrial development, and constantly enhance in professional and market influence and creativity, realize the new faster and better development.

  Huang pointed out that as the focus of China's national defense scientific research unit, 724 for national defense construction has made important contributions, while also maintaining a sustained and healthy and stable development of military and civilian goods, it is not easy, in 45 and longer period has great potential for development. Hope 724 and including Pengli ultra low temperature, the industrialization of science and technology company, adhere to take the development road of civil military integration, the formation of leveraging each other mutual development and promote the development of the positive trend.
  Pride cryogeic will rely on the CISC industry and 724 institute platform, promote the cryogenic technology development of our country, to contribute to the development of national and local.


No.32 Changqing Street, Jiangning Development District, Nanjing, P.R.C
Tel: 025-68626268  E-mail1:xuzhezhen@724pride.com  E-mail2: cryosales@724pride.com