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Helium Liquefier sold abroad---KDHRR80 get acceptance by foreign customer

Recently, a foreign company sent its representatives to carry on the  acceptance of the KDHRR80 helium liquefier.Our relevant departments managers, engineer and other related person participate in the acceptance. The ultra low temperature performance test report issued by our project group and the relevant approval documents are all provided to the customer. After the on-site test, each index of the liquefier was superior to the requirements , in accordance with the standard, passed the customer acceptance, the end of the month will be sent to foreign countries.
The helium liquefier is in appearance the one produced to Huazhong University of Science and Technology last year, which is four head colds helium liquefier based on process and other aspects of the full range of optimization development, simple structure, convenient assembly, reliable performance, and has a strong representation in the industry, and for the future of the domestic and foreign long-term cooperation has laid a good foundation.
The liquefier is our company's second set sold to overseas market , which is also an important beginning of helium liquefaction plant production, future Pengli ultra low temperature on the basis of this company will continue to improve the KDHRR1/15/30/45/70/90/180 series of products, to provide more comprehensive choice for customers, realize state-owned helium liquefaction device for mass production, the establishment of small liquefaction plant for major laboratory, timely solve the helium demand, for the motherland and contribute to innovation and development of science and technology.


No.32 Changqing Street, Jiangning Development District, Nanjing, P.R.C
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