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Pride Cryogenics’s Tour of the 14th National Superconductivity Conference 2017

The 14th National Superconducting Conference was held on August 20th to 24th, 2017 in Northern campus of Tianjin University. It was initiated and hosted by the National Center for Research and Development on Superconductivity of China. The Conference, which is held every two years, has become the largest series of academic conference in China's superconducting field. The conference aims to exchange the latest achievements of physics research and technology development in the field of superconductivity in China, to explore new ideas and new methods in academic and technological research, to provide opportunities for mutual understanding and communication, and to promote the further development of China's superconducting cause.

The conference invited professors and experts from famous universities and institutes, and set up a number of special reports and forum. The number of participants reached more than 600, far beyond the size of previous sessions.

As one of the main sponsors, CSIC PRIDE (Nanjing) Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd (PRIDE Cryogenics) aims to provide core equipments and a platform for research and development in the field of domestic superconductivity. During the conference, we displayed the prototypes of GM cryocoolers, single-photon detection cryostat and single-cold head liquefiers. The standard products, especially the GM cryocoolers, received extensive attention and great interest of many experts and teachers in this industry. They have conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with us.

The grand convening of the superconducting conference has greatly promoted the development of domestic superconducting. PRIDE Cryogenics will uphold the company's philosophy of "Integrity, Diligence, Adherence", take this as an opportunity to fully support the research of superconducting, make its own contribution to the development of superconducting.


No.32 Changqing Street, Jiangning Development District, Nanjing, P.R.C
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