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Service concept: “5S”
Smile                 Convey our sincere, considerate service attitude with a smile;
Speed               Complete the repair and maintenance services quickly with the rapid movement;
Standard           Professional , quality services, and standardized operation processes;
Sincerity            Sincere attitude is the basic principle for customer service staff;
Satisfaction       Customer satisfaction is the only standard of work inspection 。

Warranty and service commitment
1. My company makes following provisions and commitments on warranty:
1.1 Whoever buys our company’s the whole system, we implement a life-long maintenance.
1.2 The free repair period of standard products is 24 months, and that of non-standard products is according to contact.
1.3 The warranty time is from actual delivery date.
1.4 If the products break down, which caused by designing and manufacturing etc, we will provide free repair during the warranty period.
1.5 If the service repairs the products that are beyond the warranty condition and free repair period, we will collect fees according to catalogue price of accessories.
1.6 The following phenomena are not in the scope of free maintenance:
a) Not in accordance with the instructions for installation, operation, and use.
b) Damage caused by beyond products’ own power .
c) The natural wear after using.
d) Product has not yet been installed out of the free repair period.
e) The whole system is assembled or repaired by customer itself.
2. The time of response to fault treatment
My company sets up technical support department specially, which can provide an instant technical support and customer service of “7 days a week, 24 hours a day”. Technical support department should response to the complaints within 8 hours, and should solve the problem within 48 hours. If unable to complete the repair mission, the service should be in consultation with customers in advance.
3. The time of response to spare parts, accessories.
If the whole system that is sold by my company requires to replace parts, the service will provide the same quality, performance of the spare parts to the customer within 48 hours, which can ensure the normal operation of equipment.

Service Center:
Tel: +86-25-68626268

E-mail: cryosales@724pride.com


No.32 Changqing Street, Jiangning Development District, Nanjing, P.R.C
Tel: 025-68626268  E-mail1:xuzhezhen@724pride.com  E-mail2: cryosales@724pride.com