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        CSIC Pride (Nanjing) Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd. (CPCT) is a member of Pride Technology Group. CPCT is a technology oriented company concentrated on the development and manufacturing of cryocoolers and cryogenic engineering. CPCT's products include 4K G-M Cryocoolers, 10K G-M Cryocoolers, 77K G-M Cryocoolers, Cryostats, Helium Reliquefiers, Helium Recovery, Purification and Liquefaction devices and other customized cryogenic systems, which can be widely applied to MRI, mineral separation, waste water treatment, energy, electric power (superconductor cable, SECL, superconducting substation etc) and other civilian industry, including experimental installation, aerospace, accelerator, quantum communication and other areas of universities and institutes.
        Pride Technology Group is a high-tech industrial group, which is located in No.32 Changqing Street, Shuige Road, Jiangning Development, Pride has formed three major directions: integrated manufacturing system, electronic information equipment, plastics thermoforming. Business involves plastics engineering, automation equipment, cryogenic equipment, marine atmospheric information system, VTS, new energy sources, internet of things and etc.
        CPCT brings together many talents in technique, management and marketing areas. CPCT is specialized in the research and development of cryogenic and electronic devices. CPCT has independent intellectual property rights for several key technologies, such as Inertance Gap Phase Shift Cryocooler, Nano-Filtration Channel Oil Separation Technology, which improve the performance and reliability of products, and thus enlarge the application area of cryogenic products......

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Cryostats and Cryogenic devices
Helium Liquefier
Large-scale cryogenic devices
G-M Cryocoolers

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